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Practice makes perfect, and that is true especially when it comes to fire safety. At Cosmos Fire & Safety, we give special training to our employees for handling fire extinguishers. This is to ensure that our customers are always safe in case of a fire emergency.

We use a number of safety procedures while practising:

  • A mock drill which is a safety precaution used whereby building occupants are drilled correctly to evacuate the premises in the event of a fire. A mock drill specialist will ensure that all occupants know what to do in the event of a fire to evacuate people quickly and safely in a well-planned and executed way.


  • Onsite Training is another excellent method to ensure that everyone in your staff is updated on the most recent tools and technologies for fire safety procedures. By bringing in experts to train your employees, you can be sure that they’re prepared for anything.


  • Furthermore, keeping your fire system in good working order is essential. By regularly maintaining your fire system, you can ensure that it’s always ready to go in the event of an emergency.

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