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Fire safety training is very essential in protecting your employees and business. At Cosmos Fire & Safety, we provide fire protection system training services to our employees to ensure that they are adequately trained in using these life-saving systems.

Our fire protection system training has good coverage of a variety of topics, as follows :

  • The proper way to use a fire extinguisher
  • How to evacuate a building safely in the event of a fire
  • The importance of maintaining clear exit routes
  • How to properly use and maintain smoke detectors


What type of training do we provide?

Our company impart the knowledge and skills for our employees to safely use and maintain the life-saving systems. Cosmos bring forth a variety of techniques that includes:

Basic Fire Extinguisher Use and Maintenance

The course covers the basics of how to use and maintain a fire extinguisher. Employees will learn about the different types of fire extinguishers and how to properly use them in an event of fire.
Workers will also get aware about the importance of regularly inspecting and servicing fire extinguishers to ensure they are in good working order.

Advanced Fire Extinguisher Use and Maintenance

This course is built on the knowledge learned in the basic technique. It covers more advanced topics, such as using a fire extinguisher to fight multiple fires and using an extinguisher on a live electrical fire. Employees will understand the importance of properly disposing of used fire extinguishers.

Smoke Detector Use and Maintenance

Apprenticeship also covers the basics of how to use and maintain smoke detectors. Staff will get knowledge about the different types of smoke detectors and how to install them in a proper manner. They will also learn the importance of regularly testing smoke detectors and replacing their batteries from time to time.

Fire Evacuation Procedures

The training covers the procedures about the significance of having a clear and well-defined evacuation plan that has to be followed in the event of a fire. Moreover, the workforce gets to know the different evacuation procedures, such as usage of stairs or an elevator when the fire snuffs out.

Fire Safety at the Workplace

This service covers the basic principles of fire safety at the workplace. Employees will clearly understand the fire hazards present at their workplace. They will also learn about the proper housekeeping and storage practices to prevent pitching in the fires.

How often should I train my staff for Fire Safety?

The frequency of fire safety training will depend on the size of your workplace and the number of employees working. In general, most organisations should provide fire safety training to their workers at least once a year.

Doing this will help ensure that your office staff is familiar with the evacuation procedures that have to be followed when the fire breaks.

By providing regular fire safety training, you can help to create a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

Benefits of a fire protection system training course?

Following are the advantages of a fire protection system training course :

  • Learning about the types of fire protection systems and how they work.
  • Understanding the significance of a fire safety plan in place.
  • Get familiar with the proper use of fire extinguishers and other fire protection equipment.
  • Learning about the safest evacuation routes in the event of a fire.
  • Understanding the role of firefighters and other first responders in a fire emergency.

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